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The World’s Largest Virtual 5k

Welcome to the official home of World 5k.

World 5k is a weekly event taking place every weekend. originally inspired by people observing their countries COVID19 lockdown and social distancing rules. 

Uniting people at a time of unprecedented global crisis, bringing the world’s global community together through the simple act of participating in a 5k. You can run, walk, walk the dog, step up and down on the spot, walk up your stairs, skip, bounce or use a chair, row, ski or paddle.


#World 5k

Thousands of people from over 25 countries joined in our first event on 18 April 2020, and following so many lovely messages we decided to make World 5k a weekly event.

Please join us every weekend, on either Saturday or Sunday at what ever time suits your schedule, as we attempt to get the whole world running. Don’t forget, you can share your progress and join in the global conversation using #World5k anywhere on social media.

You can join us wherever you live in the world as World 5k is virtual. World 5k starts in the Pacific and fans out like a domino effect across the world ending in America’s outlying islands.

To be as flexible as possible, you can start whenever you like as the whole world will be running throughout the day. We recommend starting on the hour (top of the hour), so you can start running with lots of like-minded people at the same time whenever and wherever you live in the world.

Virtual exercise during the covid-19 lockdown.

COVID-19 is an unprecedented global crisis, the likes of which has put most people around the world in isolation. Inspired by stories of people exercising at home and running marathons on their balconies and in their gardens, World 5k has been created in the spirit of community to give people the freedom to take part at their own pace. It can be performed where ever you feel safe, out and about, in small spaces, in your gardens or indoors, simply by stepping on the spot.

We’re all in this together.

Indoor Exercise

How do I take part?

How you choose to complete your World 5k is entirely up to you. You can take part outside, run, walk, step on the spot, run laps around the garden or just step up and down in your living room. 

All we ask is that you take part is a safe place, at your own pace and at your own risk, following your countries lockdown and social distancing rules.

Joining in is easy, just put your shoes on and away you go. You can join our World 5k club if you’re on Strava, keep an eye on your training and sign up to the event. If you’re on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you can join in the global conversation using #world5k.

Does it cost anything to take part?

No. World 5k is 100% free to enter. We just wanted to create a fun event that you can take part in virtually anywhere and be part of a global community, while everyone is observing lock down and social distancing rules. Please do not exert yourself unnecessarily or risk injury, as we don’t wish to put additional strain on the world’s medical teams at this crucial time

Can I raise money for charity?

Of course! If there’s a cause close to your heart you’d like to support then by all means use your participation in World 5k as a platform to raise money for your chosen charity. Or you can support either of World 5k’s chosen charities –  the NHS Charities Together and or The World Health Organisations novel coronavirus 2019

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#Tag us on social media.

If you are taking part in World 5k we’d love to see you in action! Follow us on social media and use #World5k to share your progress and join in the global conversation.

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